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Social Responsibility

Tadhamon Capital is committed to acting as a responsible corporate citizen, and to supporting the social well-being and economic development of the Kingdom of Bahrain, where it is based. The Company implements its corporate social responsibility in a number of different ways:


Providing career opportunities for Bahraini nationals
The majority of the employees of Tadhamon Capital are Bahraini nationals. The Company actively encourages and supports its staff to obtain appropriate professional qualifications, and enhance their skills and core competencies through relevant training and development activities.


Offering training and work experience for students
Tadhamon Capital provides internships for university students to help them gain valuable working experience in the financial sector. The Company also supports educational and training initiatives that benefit young Bahrainis.


Supporting the social well-being of the local community
Tadhamon Capital provides support for a number of charitable and community-based organisations. The Company also encourages and supports its staff to personally participate in a different community activities and fundraising events for charity.

Focusing on socially-responsible investments
Tadhamon Capital’s real estate investments have a particular emphasis on social infrastructure such as healthcare (both primary care and social care), education, student accommodation, and social housing. The Company provides support for its Alternative Investments portfolio companies to achieve growth and operational excellence, with a

focus on areas such as food and agribusiness, renewable energy, and environmental protection.

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